Conflict, instability, and resilience in Nigeria

At the heart of Nigeria’s instability is its oil-dependent political-economy which has cultivated a national and international elite embedded in...» more

Digital tools for women’s safety

Two recent Helpdesk reports explore the role of digital tools in supporting women’s...» more

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Social protection

Social protection is commonly understood as ‘all public and private initiatives that provide income or consumption transfers to the poor, protect the vulnerable against livelihood risks and enhance the social status and rights of the marginalised; with the overall objective of reducing the economic and social vulnerability of poor, vulnerable and marginalised groups’ (Devereux &...» more

National climate change governance

Neil Palmer (CIAT): Farms of the Future project, Nepal
Without the rapid implementation of pro-poor, climate-informed development policies, climate change impacts could result in 100 million more people in extreme poverty by 2030. Development...» more

Open data, transparency and accountability

Voters look for their names outside a polling station in Haiti in 2011, in the second round of the presidential elections (Kendra Helmer/USAID).
Open data involves the release of data so that anyone can access, use and share it. One of the main objectives of making data open is...» more

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Covid-19, Conflict, and Governance Evidence Summary No.1

by Siân Herbert
This weekly Covid-19 Conflict and Governance Evidence Summary aims to signpost DFID and other UK government departments to the latest...» more

Poverty and conflict

by Zoe Marks
Poverty and conflict are widely understood to be closely interconnected; with poverty making countries more prone to civil war, and...» more