Social Protection Topic Guide

This guide provides an overview of social protection concepts, approaches,...» more

COVID-19, governance, and conflict: emerging impacts and future evidence needs

This paper reviews emerging evidence of the impact of COVID-19...» more

Donor Support to Electoral Cycles

This rapid literature review explains the stages of an election...» more

LGBT rights and inclusion in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

This review looks at the extent to which LGBT rights...» more

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Social protection

Social protection is commonly understood as ‘all public and private initiatives that provide income or consumption transfers to the poor, protect the vulnerable against livelihood risks and enhance the social status and rights of the marginalised; with the overall objective of reducing the economic and social vulnerability of poor, vulnerable and marginalised groups’ (Devereux &...» more

Conflict analysis

UN Photo/Jorge Aramburu: Military personnel of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) on patrol in an armored personnel carrier, 2007
Conflict analysis is a structured process of analysis to understand conflict. It focuses on the conflict profile (its history), the actors involved and their perspectives, the...» more

Countering violent extremism

Jano De Cesare: staircase at an abandoned explosives factory
This Topic Guide introduces conceptual and practical approaches to violent extremism in different contexts, setting out what we know from the literature (English and...» more

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Covid-19, Conflict, and Governance Evidence Summary No.30

This fortnightly Covid-19 (C19), Conflict, and Governance Evidence Summary aims to signpost the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)...» more

Covid-19, Conflict, and Governance Evidence Summary No.28

The fortnightly Covid-19, Conflict, and Governance Evidence Summary aim to signpost the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) and...» more